Wednesday, February 7, 2018

"Starman" in Orbit - Amazing views of Earth from SpaceX Spacecraft Briefly in Earth Orbit

On the very long video above, see lots of amazing views of Earth from orbit several thousand kilometers above earth from the SpaceX spacecraft with Elon Musk's old $100,000 cherry red Tesla Roadster with a dummy in its driver's seat named "Starman." After orbiting for a few hours after the launch yesterday, the spacecraft has since had a successful burn to take it out of Earth orbit and on its way towards Mars. It will continue indefinitely on an orbit that will keep it going around the sun and back again towards Mar's orbit and the asteroid belt.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Video of Launch of SpaceX "Falcon Heavy"

The launch takes place at about 20 minutes into the video. The beginning of the amazing touch down of two of the boosters on pads at Cape Canaveral starts at around 29 minutes into the video as they separate simultaneously from the spacecraft, with the actual touch down of the boosters at 38 minutes.